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“Intelligentsia made the unbearable bearable! Namely teaching an artist good test-taking skills. Kylie will be attending Pratt in the fall, with a very nice scholarship in big part because of Intelligentsia’s help. They are great!”

– Carla McMorran, parent of LACHSA/Pratt Institute student

“My tutor really helped me. Not only did I learn how to take a test the right way, but I had a fun time while doing it. She is a lovely person & a wonderful teacher!”

– Kylie McMorran, LACHSA/Pratt Institute student

at home tutoring service in los angeles“Intelligentsia helped get my children through high school math and improve their standardized test scores. They make complex concepts understandable. Their tutors are always reliable and a pleasure to have around!”

– Debbie Ong, parent of St. Francis/FSHA/Emerson College students

“We consider ourselves lucky to have found Intelligentsia at the beginning of Jenna’s high school career. They provided support to Jenna, not only in the nuts and bolts of material when it was particularly challenging, but also in navigating the stress and demands in her rigorous curriculum. Our tutor could diffuse anxiety by presenting material in a way that was always coherent, creative, and compatible with the teaching Jenna received at her school. Additionally, our tutor’s skills as an SAT tutor, paired with her energetic, positive attitude, provided an environment and atmosphere for success that Jenna looked forward to. On a personal and professional level, we could not recommend Intelligentsia and their roster of tutors more enthusiastically.”

– Phyllis Berger, parent of Harvard-Westlake/University of Pennsylvania student

“As a very long standing client of Intelligentsia, we can say that the mere fact Tracy still tutors our son speaks volumes for her intelligence, patience and results-oriented tutoring. We have a boy, a typical boy and an athletic boy who often would rather bounce a ball than patiently read a passage from English or History. Tracy has been immensely helpful, instilling solid study habits and time management for a kid who wasn’t interested in either. Tracy has also never failed to surprise us on what she can tutor. So many subjects! And, if she can’t (Latin), she has successfully and promptly found a tutor who can, and good ones. Tracy has a lot of integrity, and it stems from her love of knowledge and education. It follows then that she is concerned about her clients and does her best to get the best out of them. Lastly, Tracy’s delightful personality and ever-positive attitude have made the tension filled process of teenage studying so much easier, and even pleasant.”

– Merrily Gumpel, parent of Flintridge Prep/Brown student

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Intelligentsia. They were always an essential element in Caroline’s excellent grades and progress in class. Their tutors not only make certain that each student understands and masters the material but teach how to successfully structure and organize reading and lecture material into comprehensible notes. Teachers often commented on our daughter’s good study prep. Caroline always felt prepared for tests, mid-terms and finals. Our tutor was both very clear and patient. She not only helped Caroline understand and master difficult material, she also brought a sense of calm to Caroline’s rather frantic school day. The entire household felt a sense of relief when she always cheerfully knocked on our door. She was also so flexible if we had to change a scheduled time. Kudos to Intelligentsia as excellent, caring teachers and the important/valuable friendships they extended to our daughter throughout her education at Harvard-Westlake. They made their time together fun! Intelligentsia was perfect!! A++ for Intelligentsia!”

– Barbara Richman, parent of Harvard-Westlake/Amherst College student

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