Our Tutoring Methods

Teachers have invaluable influence on students. An excellent teacher listens, challenges and empowers. In the classroom, even the best teachers are limited by time and curriculum. Given the growing competition for limited spaces in a static number of colleges and universities across the country, one-on-one tutoring provides students with an indispensable advantage in the learning process. An effective tutor teaches a student how to do well on the test; a great tutor teaches the student how to learn, using tutoring methods based on the student’s personal strengths, interests and goals.

at home tutoring service in los angelesOnce we figure out exactly what makes students tick, we communicate on their level, challenge them, and get them interested in understanding and learning rather than memorizing and forgetting later. Intelligentsia is committed to a long term approach to education that empowers students to take charge of their own desire and ability to learn.

As tutors, we use effective methods to ensure that students understand their schoolwork, rather than just get through it. We encourage challenging discussions and welcome them to express their individual points of view. Understanding leads to confidence which in turn leads to discovery and personal growth.

Through consistent, on-going tutoring, Intelligentsia has guided countless students toward achieving academic and personal success. Many of our students unearth previously undeveloped interests while others become accomplished in subjects they’ve always wanted to pursue, but may never before have thought they could. As we learn about students’ hopes for the future, we are able to challenge them effectively to push themselves to work harder, dream big and accomplish their goals.

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