Message from the Founder

at home tutoring service in los angelesI want to first thank you for taking a strong interest in your family’s education. One of my goals with Intelligentsia is to spread the love of learning to the community at large. Teaching is a shared experience that is unparalleled in strengthening the world in which we live.

I founded Intelligentsia after working for many years as a private tutor. Prior to tutoring, I earned a biology degree from Tufts University, worked as a researcher in the field and spent nearly two years traveling the U.S. and the world as a teacher of the arts. Both in and out of the classroom, I have discovered that learning is a lifelong pursuit and the key to an enriched, balanced life. I encourage students and parents alike to continue to stretch their minds and challenge themselves. We never know what we are capable of accomplishing until we push ourselves to broaden our horizons.

Throughout my many years as a private tutor, I have also learned the value of establishing lasting relationships with students and their families. Getting to know students on a personal level is essential to providing them with the tools to succeed in their academic pursuits. Many clients have used my tutoring services year after year, some from elementary school into college. I’ve often gone on to work with siblings, extended family and friends. It has been tremendously rewarding to help students excel from grade school to high school graduation with high marks and then share the excitement of their acceptances into the nation’s top universities. Keeping in touch with students long after graduation, I have the immeasurable pleasure of seeing many former students excel in their higher studies and pursue exciting, fulfilling lives.

Every tutor I hire shares my philosophy on education. Since so many clients have become like family over the years, I invite only the very best of the best to join our team so that I can be confident entrusting each family’s education to Intelligentsia’s tutors.

I look forward to making Intelligentsia an integral part of your family’s education.


Tracy Erickson

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