About Us

Intelligentsia was founded on the principle that because education is essential for both personal growth and a healthy society, it is crucial that students make the most of their educational opportunities. At Intelligentsia, we recognize that learning comes in many forms and that all students are individuals who learn in their own unique ways.

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We are a full service tutoring company offering the highest level of customized, at home tutoring to students of all ages in all subjects. Our goal is to help students achieve success in school and in their lives. We spend the time necessary to discern what interests each individual student and use that knowledge to make the learning process fun and engaging. This way, students build crucial cognitive skills, rather than relying on rote memorization, which gives them the tools they need to be more effective learners now and throughout their lives. We encourage collaboration between students, parents and tutors to ensure that each student reaches his or her fullest potential.


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